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ProPart Gel Seat Cushion

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Sit on your butt all day? Take the pressure off your butt. Gel Seat Cushion by ProPart is a popular choice for office heroes, long-haul drivers, authors, artists, CEOs, and anyone who spends a good chunk of the day working on their derriere. In true scientific form, the Gel absorbs the pressure of your tailbone, your wallet, or whatever’s being a literal pain in the butt. It’s also naturally temperature neutral, so you don’t end up with sweaty glutes. This seat cushion gives comfy lumbar support for long sitting sessions, its ideal for the car, office chair or anywhere you want to sit comfortably



  • Ultimate: Most luxurious sitting! Extra wide and deep
  • Double: Make any soft seat extra cushy
  • Royal: Customer favorite! Used for office, truck, and home
  • Simply: Ideal for cars and office
  • Portable: Favorite for travel and cars
  • Everywhere: Best for an on-the-go life
  • Back: Comfy lumbar support for long sitting sessions
  • Seat Cushion Cover Included

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