Why Are Millions Of Americans Buying This Office Chair

Why Are Millions Of Americans Buying This Office Chair

If you are one of the Millions of Americans who sit for many hours each day on an office chair and you do not want to suffer from back or leg pain then you must purchase this chair

I am sure that you are surprised by looking at this office chair and are asking yourself: "Why are millions of Americans buying this office chair?"

I will tell you the reasons in a bit, but first, I would like to describe the typical office chair buying experience.

You start by going to the nearest office supply store or searching online for a comfortable office chair.

You look around and find a good-looking office chair made of black leather with lots of cushions, and the price is pretty good, probably less than $100.

You buy it.

When the good-looking office chair gets to your home or office, you carefully remove it from the box and finally get to sit on it.

At first, the chair feels great, but after a few minutes, your back starts hurting or your feet begin going numb.

That is when you realize that the office chair you bought just looked good to the eyes, but is not comfortable at all.

Now, as I promised you at the beginning of this article, I will explain to you why millions of Americans are buying the Herman Miller Aeron office chair.

Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the Aeron chair quickly became "America's best-selling chair" and is featured in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

To date, Herman Miller has sold 7 million Aeron office chairs and more than a million units are produced each year.

One secret that makes the chair comfortable for your back and bottom is the fabric called "pellicle."

In addition, the Aeron chair offers many tilts and adjusts in all directions, including the Herman Miller signature 4-way titl, ensuring that it fits the shape of every body type.

This helps prevent back pain and pressure on the feet and backside despite sitting long hours at the office.

Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf have focused and built a chair that is excellent for the body despite not being very appealing to the eyes.

It comes as no surprise that the iconic Herman Miller Aeron chair took the top spot in a recent poll, which asked Americans what office chairs they own and use.

A whopping 42% of Americans surveyed said that they are the proud owners of Herman Miller Aeron office chairs.

No other chair even came close.

As an added bonus, the  Herman Miller Aeron chair is very environmentally friendly as 94 percent of the unit is made from recyclable material.

I am sure you now understand why more than 1 million Americans each year buy a Herman Miller Aeron office chair.

You can now also become the proud owner of a Herman Miller office chair and sit many hours in total comfort.

Join the many Americans who sit long hours at work without suffering back pain or other discomforts.

Buy an  Aeron chair here.