Did you ever wonder why a headrest is necessary? Technology plays a big role in the need for a good headrest.
Flat screens are the norm today. This causes people to lean forward which gets them into a poor posture. A headrest is needed - call it a neck rest. Reclining in a chair with a neck rest brings the weight of the head into balance instead of the head being suspended on the cervical section of the spine. The headrest alleviates the neck having to carry the full weight of the head. Most headrests don’t support the head properly.But the Steelcase Headrest absolutely does.

A good headrest, such as the Steelcase Headrest, should adjust vertically to accommodate users of different sizes, of course. But it also needs to move horizontally, toward the user - not too far back and not too far forward. It should be elegant, good looking, thin, and pleasing to experience. 

We therefore highly recommend the Steelcase Headrest. It will give you comfort and needed support.