Office Chairs - So confusing!

Office Chairs - So confusing!

Office Chairs? - I am so confused!      

Good place to start - Price     

Are you willing to spend $500 and up for comfort? That will get you many features that you will not get with a basic chair for about $100. If you love yourself, go for it. 

Do you live in your chair? 

If you hang out by the office cooler all day catching up on the latest office gossip, then comfort does not matter as much. If you are scared of your boss and need passes for bathroom breaks, that means you are spending lots of time sitting. Time to rethink about comfort (and maybe rethink if you want to stay at this job with this boss).

If you read until this point, that means comfort is important

If you shift, lean, straighten out, slouch, move your legs in different positions, then definitely consider spending a bit more for comfort. A good office chair keeps you supported as you change postures.  

Some good options

Consider these great brands: Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll just to name a few. We at have a great selection of office chairs for your personal comfort.