Is the Aeron chair worth it?

It's rare enough to find a chair that is as comfortable as this, but for it to lower your taxes is even better. The Herman Miller Aeron comes in over a dozen colors, and they're all fairly neutral. ... It also ensures that the chair won't get less comfortable over time, like many of its rivals.

What is a size B Aeron chair?

Height and weight are key indicators of suitable chair-size choice. Since the B-size chair is designed to fit a broad range of people, Herman Miller recommends it for users who fall in the A/B or B/C category. ... Classic Aeron A-, B-, and C-size chairs are tested and warranted for use by persons 300 pounds and under.

How can you tell a real Aeron chair?

A really quick and easy way to identify authentic aeron chairs would be to look at the bottom manufacturing label and to feel under this part of the chair. The Aeron is made in three sizes: A, B, and C. Under this you will find 1–3 Braille-like bumps indicating the size as A-C, respectively

What size Aeron chair should I get?

The most popular Aeron size is B as this chair meets the needs of the majority of office workers. You should buy Aeron Size B if you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds or your height is between 5 feet 3 inches and 6 feet 5 inches.

How do I adjust my Aeron chair?

While taking your weight off chair, lift lever up. At the proper height, your feet should rest flat on the floor. To increase tension: While seated, turn knob forward (clockwise, toward + sign).

How do I lock my Aeron chair?

Sit on the chair and push back slightly to activate the tilt lock feature. To lock the chair in place, lift the tilt lock lever to the up position. The forward tilt feature is not included on most Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Please make sure your chair has this feature before attempting to activate the forward tilt.

How long does an Aeron chair last?

USED Classic Aeron (Original)

A good office chair should be considered a long-term investment — like a home appliance or a car. Aeron is guaranteed to last 12-years but often people keep them much longer. While used Aeron chairs can be more affordable they will not last as long as brand new chair but they last a very long time...a great investment!

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