Home Office

    Don’t settle for less at home. Bring the performance, comfort and style of Knoll office furniture – including ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks and desktop accessories – to your home office and discover a whole new level of productivity without ever leaving the house.

    Ergonomic Desk Chairs

    Transform the way you work at home with ergonomic office chairs. Your furniture should move with you, not hold you back. Knoll ergonomic home office chairs are adjustable, comfortable and provide support to improve your productivity.

    Executive Desk Chairs

    Bring the style of your living room into the home office. Executive Eero Saarinen chairs, complete your workspace in classic Knoll style, while Remix blends the comfort and elegance of an upholstered chair with the performance of an ergonomic task chair.

    You can purchase your favorite Knoll office chair in our Seating Mind store.