Idea High Back Chair by CavilUSA

  6 Year Warranty
  Designed For Back Comfort
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Brand: CavilUSA
UPC: 746507756902
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Colors: Black
Material: Mesh
Material: Fabric
More Options: Casters
Condition.: Brand NEW

Idea aims to make the design and high ergonomic quality accessible to all kinds of offices. The ideal chair for all body shapes and sizes. With the comfort the Idea chair provides, you will have utmost support for your back even over many hours of sitting, thus eliminating any back pain other chair may give you. A product made in Brazil, with high quality standards, and inspired in contemporary collaborative work concepts, the Idea chair has built in lumbar support to support long hours of sitting.



  • Black Mesh Back and Black Fabric Seat
  • Adjustable Arms Goes Up and Down
  • Hard Casters
  • Pneumatic Lift Adjusts the Height of the Chair
  • Adjustable Back
  • Built In Lumbar
  • Tilt Lock
  • Made in Brazil

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